My name is Nathalie Goedegebuure, born and raised in a small village located right in between the cities Utrecht and Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Discovered the art of creating already at a young age, making anything from a dress for my doll to magazines and writing fantasy stories and even building a treehouse. As long as it was a creative activity it had my full attention, so it is not surprising that after high school I studied graphic design followed by fashion design at the art academy. There is no doubt that creating is my passion.

I’ve always wanted to use the name “SOUZ” for something I would create one day. It took some time to figure out what and over the years I had many ideas for it. During my first summer in Barcelona (while I did my internship at Gori de Palma 2010) I started making bikinis for the first time and later showcased a small SOUZ beachwear collection in the W hotel in Barcelona the summer of 2012. Although I’ll continue to make bikinis, being a creative person, the ideas for new projects always keep coming. In the Fall of ’15 I’ve become an ambassador for the “Kledingbibliotheek” (which means clothing library, a library where you rent clothes). The founders got me inspired to upcycle my wardrobe, something I used to do when I was a teenager but kind of forgot about over the years. Because of this (and that most of us own way too many clothes) the idea was born to start SOUZ Atelier an online platform that offers upcycle and DIY projects. A way to experiment, create and hopefully inspire others!

X Nathalie